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Abaya Lagos Wants Women to Feel Comfortable With Its ‘Desert Bloom’ Collection

Abaya Lagos Wants Women to Feel Comfortable With Its 'Desert Bloom' Collection

Abaya Lagos Wants Women to Feel Comfortable With Its 'Desert Bloom' Collection
Abaya Lagos owned by Salihat Rahaman has unveiled its new collection dubbed ‘Desert Bloom’.

The collection features gorgeous turbans in lovely hues, Handcrafted Embroidered Abayas (open front robes and kaftans; tunics and jackets) made from exquisite silks and velvets.

Speaking about the collection, Salihat said, “I find that I can change/ upgrade my look drastically but effortlessly with a single item of the collection, (either an abaya or turban), turning a regular outfit into something exotic and expensive looking. Bad hair days become a breeze using the turbans, and as an added advantage, I look chic and elegant while still covered up in all the “important” places. This gives me the utmost comfort and confidence. We want customers from different backgrounds to feel comfortable wearing Abaya Lagos merchandise regardless of cultural or religious ties.”

Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-1 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-2 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-3 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-4 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-5 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-6 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-7 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-8 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-9 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-10 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-12 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-13 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-14 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-15 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-16 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-17 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-18 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-19 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-20 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-21 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-22 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-23 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-24 Abaya-Lagos-Desertbloom-runstripe-25

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