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Exclusive Interview: Agatha Moreno Talks Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016, Career, Upcoming Collection And More


Emerging fashion brand, PJJD owned by Agatha Moreno will be showcasing its designs at the upcoming Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016.

Agatha whose ‘Melange‘ collection is still making women own their looks opened up to on how she started her fashion career, upcoming collection, what to expect at the AFWN 2016 and more.

Read the interview below.

Why the name PJJD?

The name PJJD was originated from the names of my children Peter-Jade-Jasmine-Diego

What made you take the fashion serious to make a career out of it?

I decided to make a career out of fashion due to my love for it and believe that I’m good at what I do. I believe passion for what one does will take one beyond limit.


How long have you been a fashion designer on a professional level?

I started designing professionally last year. I’m a year old now.

How have you evolved over the years?

I started fashion designing from my home. From making stuffs for myself to wear, then my children and friends. After which people started asking for my designs, I made stuffs for clients and made my first collection which I showcased at the last ECOWAS Fashion Week. Then my second collection (Mèlange).

Have you ever showcased your designs outside Nigeria, If Yes, Where?

Yea, I showcased my designs at the last ECOWAS Fashion Week, Benin Republic.

What inspires you and your designs?

Agatha Moreno designs are inspired by nature, I like looking into the abstract, and putting together an invincible whole.

What do you think about the Nigerian fashion industry?

I think the Nigerian Fashion Industry is a developing one. More fashion designers are coming up with great designs and lovely concepts, exposing the Nation at the global level.

How do you feel showcasing your designs at the AFWN 2016?

I’m so excited about showcasing my designs at the AFWN 2016, because It’s one of the biggest show in the country at the moment and It’s going to have some of the big names in the industry. I feel it’s a big starter for my brand.


Any hint about your designs we expect to see at the AFWN 2016?

Expect some of the best of Agatha Moreno.

How would you describe your brand and style?

Agatha Moreno expresses Simplicity, Class and Elegance

What do you think about the Nigerian fashion industry and its transformation over the years?

The Nigerian Fashion Industry has transformed rapidly in the past few years, designers have gone outside the shore of the country to show the world the good of the nation. Designers now make pieces with a good finishing that can make a cloth look like a design from the likes of Alexander McQueen; and that is exactly what Agatha Moreno does.

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