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‘Fashion is More Taken Seriously in Lagos Unlike The South Where We Came From’- Rois n Reine

'Fashion is More Taken Seriously in Lagos Unlike The South Where We Came From'- Rois n ReineEmerging fashion brand, Rois n Reine will storm the runway at the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016 to showcase their stylish wears.

The brand’s Creative Director opened up to on how the brand started out, what to expect and AFWN 2016 show.

Read the interview below.

Why the name Rois n Reine?

Rois n Reine simply means kings and queen our pieces reflect royalty we want the our clients to feel like royals wearing our garments.

Rois and Rene Quote

What sparked your interest In Fashion?

We’ve always been fashionistas back in the university days, we manage to keep up with the trend at a controlled cost, while in school we see our friends wearing top designer clothes we couldn’t afford, I’ll sketch the design, get home on hols and give it to a tailor to make same top and most time adjust the design a little and it always comes out better than the original design. Then we were just making clothes for ourselves and few friend with little or no income, when we came to Lagos we realized here fashion is taken more seriously Unlike the south where we are coming from, here you are either dressed to kill or you just don’t belong and your appearance to a large extent defines your personality.

You are a Bespoke and Ready-to-wear designer, which one has your heart?

I would say bespoke cos it gives me the opportunity to exercise my mental ability to birth an idea, put it down on paper source the right fabric and create the job and at the end of the job the client tells you “that was a masterpiece” From that masterpiece you can now modify it for a ready to wear collection.


How have you evolved over the years?

When we decided to going into business of fashion we started by reproducing other designers work, we gradually moved to modifying them to create a slight difference but right now we’ve come to realize that in other to make your mark in the industry and become a force to reckon with we need to be original, we need to carve our niche, we need to create our own style and pattern for others to follow then you’ll have protégés and also have a particular quality of clients that follows, like and patronize your brand cos they trust your designs, they are used to your designs.

Have you ever showcased your designs outside Nigeria, If Yes, Where?


What is the inspiration behind your designs?

Ultimately we get inspiration from God, we get inspired by shapes, nature, sights, we get inspired by Men, we design clothes for men who want their style to speak the language the onlooker would understand.

How do you feel showcasing your designs at the AFWN 2016?

Last year we attended AFWN as guests and noticed these guy mean business, they took fashion to another level upcoming designers that showcased their work on the the platforms are now established designers and also the organizers has been able to take our local fashion “brands” international hence AFWN London, we want to be a part of this movement we want to want our brand to be showcase to rest of the world we couldn’t have come at a better time cos plans for AFWN 2016 is in top gear and so far it has been a wonderful experience been a part of this.


Any hint about your designs we expect to see at the AFWN 2016?

Earlier in the year we put out a collection that encompasses various pieces basically letting people know what we offer our strength, at AFWN 2016, we’ll shine the light on one of the pieces we’ve created a collection called the “OKEMMADU” the means adult man in Ibo, you‘ll be seeing coordinated patterns trending apparel from our point of view detailed cuts and tailoring.

How would you describe your brand and style?

Classic, timeless, for men that want to be conservation at the same time make a fashion statement.

What do you think about the Nigerian fashion industry and its transformation over the years?

The fashion industry in this part of the world is arguably one of the highest employers of labour presently you see graduates leaving school not waiting for that white collar job jumping into fashion designing this is because Nigerians are getting to appreciate local brands our work ethics and finished products can compete with the foreign brands also our fashion has gained recognition globally and been endorsed by top brand images in the west, like Beyonce, Michelle Obama to mention a few, we have designers that are showcasing their works on international platforms.

Watch out for Rois n Rene at the AFWN 2016

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