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Snoop Dogg Snatches Keexs Brand Logo?

Legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg, has just launched his new smoking accessories line named POUNDS. What really caught out attention is Snoop’s brand logo for his new line. Taking a closer look at the logo, it looks similar to KEEXS’ brand logo.

In case you don’t know KEEXS- it is the first innovative and social footwear brand in Africa and was launched through a global crowd funding campaign in 2015. The brand has teamed up with top fashion brands in Africa.

KEEXS and POUNDS logos appear as a clenched fist with more similarities than differences. Snoop’s logo comes in one colorway and has rolled up joints taking the shape of a clenched first while KEEXS logo comes in black and red colorway with a slanted clenched fist.


We are not sure if Snoop and the founders of KEEXS will call each other on the phone to sort it out or they will hit the court to thrash it out. Whatever happens, we will keep you updated as we get more information.

Credit: StyleHub

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