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South African Designer Siya Beyile Talks Ongoing Battle With Depression

South African fashion designer, Siya Beyille, opened up to TimesLive on his ongoing battle with depression.

The 23-year-old said, “I have always been honest about my depression but I have never really opened up about how it cripples me on a daily basis and how it affects the relationships with those I hold dear to my heart,”

Beyille who revealed that the last 3 months have been particularly difficult for him regularly discusses his fight with depression since he opened his own fashion store ‘The Threaded Man’ at 19.

“My whole system crashed in a way I never imagined and I found myself feeling like I can’t keep going and at the same time my company going through extreme difficulties.

I had many days where I couldn’t leave my bed. I would turn off my phone because of extreme anxiety and days where I was like “It’s over and it’s time to give up.”

Siya also said he has accepted his situation and has decided to get help, with support from his friends and family. He will be downsizing his company to help with his recruitment process.

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