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Unveiling Designers For Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2018

Our fifth year is certainly a milestone worth celebrating.

This is why we intend to reach every state in Nigeria propagating the objectives and mission of African Fashion Week Nigeria and the impact African fashion has made worldwide.

This year Africa Fashion Week Nigeria introduces 2018 DESIGNERS based in Nigeria and other African countries.


Fidelis Usigbe

Del Africa Fashion House has gained both national and international exposure through fashion shows and runways, examples are Africa Utopia Fashion Show London, Accra Fashion Week Ghana, Nigeria Television Fashion Show Nigeria, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria mention but a few.

Fidelis Usigbe is a member of FADAN (Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria), the recognize body for the Fashion Designers Profession.

Providing exceptional aesthetic designed clothing for the local/international market.They combine a unique blend of African and international fabrics and designs to produce clothing, shoes bags and accessories of international standard for both local and export purposes.

Her CEO, in the person of Fidelis Usigbe, has a 9 year track record and leadership training skills with various NGO’s, Entrepreneurship training with Jos Business School, Internship with the National Assembly, First Hand Training with a tailor for three years has grown the business to this stage we offer branding services, we train and equip youths with the necessary skills that will enable them start-up a sustainable fashion business.


Martha Kabaso
Creative Director

Africouture clothing is a creative fashion house for modern day women and men who enjoy couture and contemporary pieces, Her designs are African inspired with western aesthetics,She gets her inspiration from objects, prints, colours, nature and anything that may seem to grab her attention.
She started designing at an early age but started her career in fashion design in 2012 after completing a course in fashion construction and design at the Lusaka business and technical College (lbtc) . She has showcased her work at numerous fashion shows and her highest point has been showcasing in front of the United Nations (UN) first ladies dinner gala in Livingston during the United Nations World Tourism Organization(UNWTO) conference which was held in Zambia.

Shaibu Abdulai

Bushai weave collection is a fashion design industry intended to give the public the most comfortable and authentic clothing.


1) MIKE NGHIPUNYA (known as Tate Mike – He’s an actors /a clothing brand/ Entrepreneur /a Group Chief Executive officers at National Fishing Corporation of Namibia.

2) HENDRIK MUATARA (Known as Dennis Hendricks – He’s a male model / a clothing brand /Entrepreneur / marketing and advertising /a creative artist / photographer /the voice for the models/ sport athlete.

We believe that TM is so much more than just a brand it’s the centre piece of a thoughtful sport brand. Young or old, male or female can identify with the TM brand, we designed the outfits so that anyone that wears it, feels good while wearing it and can be proud knowing that it is a local brand.

We were inspired the everyday Namibian, and thinking wouldn’t it be great if we can have a clothing line when you walk down the street people are eager to show it off wear I with pride. We were inspired things like our climate, whatever season or weather the TM brand will have clothing for any casual occasion.

We are about connecting with people from all walks of life and our brand is an epitome of the young, old, mature, today’s generations and the future. We identify with and cater for that innocent girl, the naughty, the cool guys and girls as well as the modern fashionista. Excellent brand and proudly Namibian brand clothing line!!

TM clothing is about image and its connection to personality; it is about standing out amongst the crowd. We are about style, sportswear, and casual wear fashion that leaves you feeling cool all the time. We are your perfect choice in winter, summer, autumn and spring; we are your all season clothing choice.


TalansiI Lutte Richelvie

Congolese of origin, Adriana TALANSI concretizes her dream in 2014 when she launches her first collection “Simple and Sublime”.
Follows parades in Angola, where she becomes the dresser of the committee of Miss Cabinda, in Pointe Noire and Brazzaville where she scores one point by winning the Sorom Fashion Independence Women 3 (Brazza Fashion Night) in 2014
In 2015, she was the guest of honor at Brazza Fashion Night presented by Ayden TV, which saw the participation of renowned creators in the jury like Eli Kouame

All indications are that TALANSI is the rising brand of fashion in the Congo, to export itself, its biggest dream that begins to take shape when it is entrusted with the task of dressing Miss Cabinda or it multiplies appearances to various events including the Gala Moda Cabinda in May 2015. Her new collection ¨Etnik & Fusion¨ makes euphoria

In Pointe Noire, TALANSI goes a step further by winning the Main d’Or, the prize of the best stylist at an event that saw the participation of creators from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Nigeria …

TALANSI the rising star of African fashion, make a release in 2016 at the Runway Dubai season 5 or she presents her “Splendor” collection which arouses the enthusiasm of the public.

Considered in his country the Republic of Congo as the perfect example for the youth, she is invited once again to the carousel of fashion in 2017 at Pointe Noire where she presents her new heritage collection. With this collection the designer shows a new face of these more daring and refined creations, a style through which all women can identify themselves

Invited for the first time to Africa Fashion Week London one of the most prestigious events in the world of fashion. TALANSI has risen to the challenge by presenting its Amour & Charme collection which highlights the silhouette of the woman. The reactions of the public and the press are just admiration and enthusiasm for this collection.

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